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We join the world’s families to change hunger, poverty, and injustice through locally originated community development programs and internationally coordinated disaster response.



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A man and woman walking their land and planting seeds.
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World Renew / Jack Burk

Our relationship to food is of course more than just social – it is crucial to our survival.

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World Renew, Jack Burk

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Jack Burk, World Renew

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Sophie Nasrallah, MERATH & World Renew

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Merlyn Zulema Zambrano finds hope in small business training
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Nahún Rodrigues/World Renew

In the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, COVID-19 cases are significant. Just outside Tegucigalpa, in Nueva Suyapa, Merlyn Zuelma Zambrano cautions her daughter Estefany,18, and her son, Erlin, 12, to stay close to home to reduce their risk of contracting the virus. Estefany and Erlin do not mind; Estefany is happy to help Merlyn with chores and Erlin goes up onto the roof of the neighbour’s house where he plays inside the tent that he constructed with a bedsheet.

The rooftop has also become a classroom. To limit the spread of COVID-19, classes in Nueva Suyapa have moved online. The Zambranos do not own a computer and Estefany and Erlin must use a cell phone to get their assignments done. The rooftop provides the best lighting for online work.



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