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WFP / Emily Fredenberg / Rwanda

When a disaster strikes it has long-term effects on hunger, whether it destroys food production, creates barriers to food distribution or causes inflation.

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Rise Against Hunger

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Rise Against Hunger

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Rise Against Hunger

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Rise Against Hunger

In 2021 as disruptions due to the pandemic continued to impact the people we serve, Rise Against Hunger implemented the 2021 COVID-19 Relief & Resilience Plan to bolster and sustain one of our key priorities--Nourishing Lives through Local Food Procurement. Funds for Local or regional procurement of food commodities were provided to our impact partners through grants, cash-based assistance, cooperative agreements, and other mechanisms. Programming leveraged resources, skills, and partnerships with local suppliers, and enhanced the delivery of a nutrition-rich food basket, including cereals, cooking oil, fresh fruits, and vegetables, proteins, sugar, and salt.



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