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We work globally, along side the communities we serve, providing livestock and training in sustainable agricultural practices to create the most favorable opportunity for families.



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Olivier Asselin / Heifer International

Heifer International is focused on long-term solutions and paving a path of opportunity for all to feel empowered and thrive on their own volition rather than temporary relief. Their ultimate goal to end world hunger is no easy feat.

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Russell Powell/Heifer International

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Russell Powell/Heifer International

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Daniel Kurawige/Heifer International

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Cooperative weighs a goat for a customer
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Heifer International

The two-month festival season during October and November is prime time for goat farmers in Nepal as many goat producers earn up to 50% of their annual income during a typical festival season. But while demand for local goats in our South Asian nation has been growing steadily, this year has been far from typical. Buyers who have lost their jobs or seen their incomes decline due to the COVID-19 pandemic no longer have the money to spend on festive preparations like they normally would.



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