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Fights world hunger by helping people help themselves. Provides training, information, and seeds to development workers, missionaries and small-scale farmers working in 190+ countries.



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Let’s take a moment to talk about hunger. I know, it’s probably far from your mind right now. In fact, being stuffed and needing some exercise is probably more like it, as we near the end of another holiday season. However, it’s an important topic, and now might just be the exact right time to think about it, as it’s surely top of mind for the approximately 795 million hungry people around the world. 795 million. And on top of that, poor nutrition causes nearly half (45%) of deaths in children under five, that’s 3.1 million children each year. Can you even imagine losing a child to hunger? 

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Villagers were contemplating leaving their home and community. The soil in Guesna was hard and brittle, and their harvests kept shrinking. They had heard that land to the south, further from the Sahara desert, was more fertile. Maybe they should give up on their land?

Later that year, trainers from ECHO came to Guesna to share techniques that have been proven to help farmers improve the harvests on their degraded fields. They learned about making liquid fertilizer and filling planting stations with compost before planting. They also learned how a few changes in their chicken management would result in healthier chickens.



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