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Through a holistic approach to child development, we carefully blend physical, social, economic and spiritual care to release children from poverty.



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A teacher works with a student.
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Compassion International

What does life look like through the eyes of a child living in poverty?

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Jehojakim Sangare

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J Sangma

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J Sangma

It all started when a group of teenagers in rural Bangladesh began to get fed up with all their spare time. Since the pandemic had shuttered their schools, life had become all play and no studies. Suddenly, their days were free and empty, but their futures felt uncertain. They had to watch with anxiety as their parents struggled to bring food home.
When the teenagers from the Compassion center had enough of play, they knew deep in their hearts that they could contribute to their family’s needs in some way. All the children were receiving their food supplies from the Compassion center which kept them from going hungry. The parents were happy and so were the neighbors who received rice from the teens’ initiative to donate a cup of rice to those who were struggling.



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