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For centuries, immigrants have flocked to the United States, writing the story of America as they created communities, structured governments and formed the foundation of our country.

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10-year-old Mercedes Benitez stands in her community’s garde
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Sean Hawkey / Church World Service / Paraguay.

A more hopeful new chapter in Paraguay

The average farm in the United States is about 443 acres. In rural Paraguay, a 2,500-acre farm is considered to be small to medium scale.

This vast area is known as the Gran Chaco. For most of its history, this land has been home to indigenous communities. The Sanapaná and other indigenous groups were nomadic, hunting, gathering and fishing in the largely untouched natural areas.

In recent years, however, these wide-open spaces have become home to giant commercial farms. Massive corporations have bought hundreds of millions of acres that they are using to farm genetically modified soya and corn, which is then exported. Many of those harvests end up as livestock feed in China, for example.



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