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AMREF HEALTH AFRICA: A midwife student’s dream is coming true!

The Maridi Health Science Institute (MHSI), founded in 1998, was built to help address the extreme gaps in healthcare throughout South Sudan by providing medical training to health workers in remote and underserved communities. This school year, 125 students, 47 fully sponsored by Amref, enrolled in midwifery and clinical medicine courses. Hellen, a 25-year-old midwife […]

The many faces of global health

Health and wellness looks different in every country and on every continent. What some may regard as a right in one country, is inaccessible or scarce in another. Global health represents the environments that affect physical, social and mental well-being for all humans.

AMREF HEALTH AFRICA: Knowing Better, Doing Better: Meet Nashipai

Nashipai (61) is taking a stand in her community by calling for an end to FGM. Nashipai was a circumciser (Ngariba) in her community for over 16 years before Amref Tanzania educated her on the adverse effects of FGM for women and girls. After learning about the damaging health risks, she decided to stop the […]

AMREF HEALTH AFRICA: Assisting pregnant women safely give birth during COVID-19

Jacinta with CHW Ann who helped her during her pregnancy

Jacinta is a young mother who recently gave birth during the COVID-19 pandemic in Emali, Kenya. She is a regular patient of Ann’s – the Community Health Worker (CHWs) we’ve introduced you to in past Field Updates. According to Jacinta, Ann was a huge help to her during her recent pregnancy. CHWs provide important health […]

5 creative ways Amref Health Africa is supporting women

An Amref worked stands smiling with her hands on her hips.

A great way to celebrate International Women’s Day is to take time to learn about the work being done by women and for women to advance their rights and health around the world! In honor of this international observance day, we spoke with our Charity Alliance member Amref Health Africa (Amref) to learn more about […]

AMREF HEALTH AFRICA: Investing in Girls’ Education

In Samburu County Kenya, 90% of women have undergone female genital mutilation (FGM) and 38% were married before they were 18 years old. This is because the Samburu tribe – nomadic pastoralists whose way of life revolves around their cattle – traditionally practice both FGM and child marriage. The two practices are linked. When a […]


One year ago, Rose could hardly leave her house. She had been feeling unwell for a long time and she knew it was because she was diabetic. She had seen her family members struggle with the condition and she expected the same ever since she was diagnosed with it. “To be honest, I never believed […]