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GLOBAL PARTNERS IN CARE: The Student Becomes the Teacher: Expanding Palliative Care Education

Palliative Care Scholarships Offer Much Needed Training Without nurses and other cadres of health care workers trained in palliative care, those in low-resource settings who suffer from life-limiting conditions will continue to struggle with pain and symptom management. This is why Global Partners in Care (GPIC), together with the African Palliative Care Association (APCA), offer scholarships to health care and social workers in Africa. Recognizing the need for trained professionals, APCA and GPIC formed a scholarship fund for palliative care nurses in 2011 and social workers in 2012. Each year, APCA and GPIC provide a limited number of scholarships towards training opportunities for nurses and social workers in Africa. In 2023, we have expanded the scholarship to include clinical officers, physiotherapists and other health care workers. APCA and GPIC recognize the important role health care and social workers play in providing holistic palliative care services. Despite this, the inadequate incorporation of palliative care into the pre-service (undergraduate) training of health care and social workers, the lack of clear career pathways for those interested in specializing in palliative care, and lack of recognition of palliative care qualifications by local ministries of health and education continues to be a challenge. The Palliative Care Education Scholarship Fund aims to provide an opportunity for health care and social workers involved in palliative care provision or those determined to lead the development of such services in their settings to undergo specialist training. Palliative care is a growing area of practice in Africa, and health care and social workers often feel unprepared to deal with the complex issues it encompasses. Training opportunities are expected to enhance skills, knowledge, attitudes, values, methods, and sensitivities needed to work effectively in palliative care with patients, families, health care providers, and the community. Jackie K 2020 Scholarship Recipient Employed by Island Hospice and Healthcare in Zimbabwe “Having a scholarship made my academic journey enjoyable. This is because I was able to focus on my studies as my tuition for the whole year was paid up in full…I excelled in my second year modules, with some of the modules being rated as exceptional. The support that I received from APCA made me realize how privileged I was and this motivated me to work even harder as I did not want to disappoint my sponsors.”

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