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CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL: Mapping her path out of poverty

Nestled in the hills of western Honduras, near the Guatemalan border, lies the town of Copán Ruinas. In this rural area, it’s common for children to drop out of school to help provide or take care of their families. Such was the case with Ada’s family. For years, Ada’s father was the only earner, working as the caretaker of the municipal cemetery to keep his family of 11 afloat. To help the family, Ada and two of her sisters sacrificed their educations to earn extra income. When Ada was 18, she enrolled in the bar and restaurant track of Into Employment and interned at Mayan Harvest, an artisan chocolate factory and coffee shop. She was hired on full-time after completing her training and now, a year later, has been promoted from customer service to making the chocolates. CI: In what ways has Into Employment changed your life? Ada: In the Into Employment Program, I received many workshops where they taught us how to make a résumé and be responsible, punctual and a team player. These courses helped me a lot because before, I was more shy. In the time I’ve been working, I’ve been more comfortable with clients. And, while I am happy to have a job, what I like most is that I am learning new things and growing as a person. CI: What are your plans for the future? Ada: Well, I have several dreams. The first one is to finish high school so I can work and help my family. Now… I am in 11th grade. I only have one year left to fulfill my dream. Later on, in the future, I dream of having my own business and a little house. CI: What would you like to say to the donors supporting Into Employment in Honduras? Ada: I would like to say thank you very much for your support and for supporting the young people, the children. It is very difficult to find a job in this community. These workshops help people of my age a lot. They make you more responsible and motivated.

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