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INTERNATIONAL RELIEF TEAMS: John and Brigid Struggle to Eat During the COVID-19 Pandemic

San Diego Food Bank
John and Brigid

For many of us, this past year has been the most challenging year of our
lifetime. Every day is filled with worry and sadness for the loss of lives
and livelihoods in our community, across our country, and around the
world. This health crisis has impacted our country in every way. So many
people have had to resort to receiving aid for the first time in their lives.
And you were there to support them.

“This is such an amazing help for us. This will
really help us right now,” said John of San
Diego, California at a food distribution event
held by the local food bank. IRT donated
more than 200,000 meals to the food bank to
support families just like John’s.
“This is our first time getting help from
the food bank, “said John. “But we
are unemployed now because of the
coronavirus.” John and his wife, Brigid, both
had worked in concessions at different
sporting events, fairs, and conventions for
the past 15 years.
“Our jobs are dependent on large events at
big venues, and now all of that is gone due
to the pandemic. Who knows when the big
events will come back? That’s our livelihood.
And now all of that is gone.”

“All of this happened at the same time that
our furnace and water heater broke, and
we had to go into debt to pay for them to
be replaced. We are really worried about
unemployment running out. After the
unemployment runs out what happens to
us? What will we do?” asked John.

John applied for jobs as a bartender but says
he knows he won’t be hired. When bars and
restaurants open again, they will rehire their
former employees.
As difficult as this time has been for all of
us, no one has it harder than these families
who have lost their livelihoods – families
like John’s. Thank you for helping them get
through these difficult times.

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