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INTERNATIONAL RELIEF TEAMS: Estrella and Her Brothers Have Hope for a Brighter Future

International Relief Teams
Estrella at Kids Kingdom

Kids Kingdom Orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico – Estrella, age 11, and her twin brothers, age five, were brought to Kids Kingdom by police in March 2021. They were rescued from a family environment where violence and drug abuse were common occurrences. Estrella and her brothers were neglected, given little food, and did not attend school.

Even at her young age, Estrella felt responsible for her brothers and took care of them as best she could. Her only focus was their daily survival.

When Estrella first arrived at Kids Kingdom, she was very shy and withdrawn. She and her brothers were given three hot meals a day, a safe environment, and the opportunity to make new friends. Estrella finally had a chance to be a kid, and not worry about her next meal or her brothers’ well-being.

Estrella is becoming very social and outgoing in this new, safe environment. She is now excited about her future. She is learning to read and write and knows the alphabet and her multiplication tables. Estrella dreams of becoming a doctor one day so she can help people.

International Relief Teams has been feeding and educating the children at Kids Kingdom for more than 10 years. Thanks to so many generous donors, Estrella and other children at Kids Kingdom have the nutrition and education they need for a brighter future.

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