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HOPE FOR HAITI: The impact of education for girls in Haiti

Hope for Haiti
Providing access to education for girls in Haiti

Arielle Désire is the second daughter of Rosemère Désire, a single mom in Gris-Gris raising four children on her own. Life is not easy for them, but Rosemène works very hard to take care of her four daughters and give them an education. Arielle is in 5th grade at St. Rose de Lima Presbyterian School, one of Hope for Haiti’s partner schools in the mountainous area of the Côtes-de-Fer Communne in Haiti. Like the other 425 students in her school, she received a backpack filled with school supplies. Arielle needed most of those supplies because her mom was not able to purchase them all at once for her to start the school year well equipped. Now, thanks to Hope for Haiti, she has those critical items she needs for a successful year. She is very happy with her school kit and believes she will work better now: “I am excited and would like to thank the Hope for Haiti team for driving all the way from Cayes to Gris-Gris to bring us those school kits,” said Arielle. Because of this support, we all must succeed, and we will. I did not have enough notebooks, colored pencils and mathematical drawing instruments, but now I have everything I need to at school and do my homework. I am so happy! Arielle loves school and believes in education as the key to success. She
wants to be a nurse when she grows up. She is grateful for everything Hope for Haiti has done so far, and counts on this continuous support to help her fulfill her dream.

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