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MATTHEW 25: MINISTRIES: Disaster Response – Ukraine

As the Ukraine humanitarian crisis moves into its second year, Matthew 25: Ministries is continuing to support our partners helping Ukraine and the surrounding countries – in 2022, Matthew 25 shipped over 2 million pounds of aid including personal care supplies, paper products, blankets, food, clothing, and more to assist people impacted by this crisis. We’ve also provided support for direct relief programs including food, shelter, medical care, essential supplies, transportation assistance and educational services. Matthew 25’s aid is reaching more than twenty cities throughout Ukraine as well as four surrounding countries serving refugees and has assisted millions of people impacted by this crisis. Here are some stories of people who have been helped: “My family and I came here from Southern Ukraine. It was on the day when it all started there was an explosion in our town at 5 a.m.. We saw unpleasant things happening outside when we looked through the window. We have two small children: a two-and-a-half-year-old son and a two-month-old daughter. And we didn’t hesitate to start packing our stuff because we didn’t know what was going on, and God gave wisdom to my husband to start packing our stuff and go somewhere. I thank all those who make it possible for all of us to stay here. We are deeply grateful for food, for diapers, for clothes, that it is warm in here, and that we have a roof over our heads. Despite the situation in our country, we are in an oasis, as this area is called. It is truly an oasis! May God bless you and simply give a hundredfold to everyone who donates funds and to everyone who helps here! Thank you very much.” – Ukrainian Refugee “It was the end of February. I was waiting for my husband to return home from work. My heart was pounding from joy of the news I was about to deliver to him. I’d just found out that I am pregnant with our first baby. The door just opened, his voice was trembling so much so I even started shaking from the avalanche of feelings we were living through that moment. He told me to grab our documents, take some clothes, because we had to leave. I acknowledged that what was going to happen would radically change the course of our lives. It was only when I left for the nearest customs post that I told him the big news. He was so happy, but unfortunately, he couldn’t leave the country, he had to stay home. We communicate often, fear still grinds our souls …” – Ukrainian Refugee ”The cursed days of warning alarms seemed never-ending. At first I thought it was a joke, and at one point the light was turned off. There was such a loud bang, I couldn’t fall asleep the whole night. My brother called me in the morning and said we had to leave. When I arrived in Moldova, I was placed in a shelter for refugees. Only here I felt safe. We receive everything we need from food to hygiene products. I understand that prospects of returning home are darkened by this war. I am grateful that the team takes care of us and assures we have food and hygiene supplies. I have no idea what I would do without their support.” – Ukrainian Refugee ”Yes, I fled my country, I fled the war, the grenades, the tears, the alarms that whistled like dragons. I feel like a traitor. Yes, I saved my children, but my 78-year-old mother and father stayed home. They were the ones who supported me and begged me to leave. I try not to cry, I try to be strong in front of my children. I feel like I’m about to scream in pain, but where, when we’re in the room with three beds next to each other. Even if I smile, my eyes are dry with silent tears. I am very grateful that I received warmth here in Moldova, but I want to go home … The team brings us a lot of positive emotions. When we see their car over the window, the children squeal with happiness. But we adults can’t wait to see them again. When they come to us, we receive everything, support, necessary professional information, fun for children, and many surprises. I can’t imagine what our stay here would have been like without them!” – Ukrainian Refugee

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