With your support, Global Impact’s Charity Alliance will continue to make a difference for Ukrainians.

The generosity of individuals, companies and foundations brought in more than $1.5 million through our Ukraine Response Fund and we’re taking a minute to celebrate the work that this funding supports.

Whether you contributed through your workplace giving platform, donated directly on our website or shared the fund with colleagues and friends, a tremendous thank you for your commitment to helping the people of Ukraine during this heartbreaking conflict.

When Ukraine was facing unimaginable grief, we challenged donors to rise to the occasion with compassion, kindness and support. Your contributions to the Ukraine Response Fund will benefit more than 25 charities whose missions include supporting and responding to worldwide needs, and with your unwavering support, our charity partners will be able to accomplish life-changing feats.

Your support is empowering our charity partners to bring extraordinary aid to the people of Ukraine. Here are several of the ways that they are affecting change:

Action Against Hunger: Establishing and supporting mobile health clinics and providing monetary support to Ukrainian families so they can buy meals. They are also providing groceries, hygiene kits and medicine to those in need. Refugees in Poland, Romania and Moldova are also receiving essential items from Action Against Hunger, including hot meals, cash for food and access to psychologists during this difficult time.

$34 provides temporary emergency shelter for a family of six.

Alight (formerly American Refugee Committee): Reaching more than 100,000 people with non-perishable foods, medical supplies and connections to shelters and orphanages. Alight is also providing protection support to prevent gender-based violence and exploitation in this chaotic environment. Through a partnership with Airbnb, they’ve already provided families with 2,500 nights of safe, secure housing.

Americares: Delivering over 150 tons of medicine and relief supplies to multiple partners responding in Ukraine. Emergency grants have been awarded for 38 organizations working in Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia and Romania. These grants will be used for psychosocial services, training staff in crisis counseling, hiring Ukrainian-speaking staff to connect refugees with educational resources, and facilitating last-mile delivery of medicine and medical supplies into Ukraine.

CARE: Meeting the immediate needs of affected children and families through the distribution of critical food and water supplies, hygiene kits, cash assistance and psychosocial support. To date, CARE has distributed an immense amount of food to 4 million people with urgent aid.

Direct Relief: Providing shipments of more than 750 tons of medical aid, including trauma kits, cancer medication, insulin, antidotes for chemical attacks and more, in partnership with Ukraine’s Ministry of Health. They have also provided more than $14.7 million in financial assistance, including direct cash aid to help Ukrainian refugees in Poland obtain medications at no cost.

Human Rights Watch: Investigating and reporting on the Russian-Ukraine war and human rights abuses happening amidst this conflict. Their team of country experts, lawyers, journalists and others work to protect the most at-risk people and are directing advocacy towards governments and state actors involved in Ukraine. Because of their work, we know about Russian strikes on civilians and the use of landmines. Their reports, videos and daily briefs keep the world educated and aware during this time.

$100 publishes a short advocacy report that creates awareness and exposes key facts about human rights issues.

Humanity & Inclusion: Implementing inclusive humanitarian aid for vulnerable populations in the country. They are distributing assistive mobility devices such as wheelchairs, canes and walkers. They also have experts in rehabilitation, logistics, mental health and psychosocial support working in Ukraine and Moldova with a focus on the inclusion of persons with disabilities and the elderly. For example, in Lviv their rehabilitation specialists are caring for burn victims and patients requiring amputations.

Meeting outside a children's facility

International Medical Corps: Providing core medical, mental health and protection services in Ukraine and neighboring countries. International Medical Corps created a logistics and support hub in Poland and is working with health agencies to provide relief services like primary health care, emergency health services, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services and deliver medicines and medical supplies.

$250 equips one first responder with a go-bag containing the supplies needed to respond to an emergency, like water filters, blankets, flashlights and ready-to-eat meals.

International Relief Teams: Working with on-site partners to provide relief supplies and services to refugees and displaced people in Ukraine, Poland, Romania and Moldova. These efforts include delivering non-perishable food items, medicines, medical supplies, access to mental health and psychosocial support, cash payments and support for community centers that are housing displaced people.

MAP International: Sending essential medicine, health supplies and disaster health kits to displaced families and children who have lost everything. Each disaster health kit contains first aid supplies and hygiene essentials. They also work with organizations to airlift Interagency Emergency Health Kits, which are stocked with a three-month supply of medicine and necessities to serve 10,000 people.

Mercy Corps: Prioritizing partnerships with local organizations that understand community needs the best, Mercy Corps is supporting the distribution of medical supplies and food staples and helping third-country nationals and members of Ukraine’s Roma community cross into neighboring countries. Other initiatives currently underway are emergency cash assistance and connecting people on the move with information on accessing services, safe routes and legal rights.

$20 equips one woman in a refugee camp with a dignity kit of basic sanitation and hygiene supplies.

Seed Programs International: Building community resiliency gardens in Poland for Ukrainian refugees. Planting community gardens not only addresses food supply issues but alleviates distress, promotes resiliency and increases connections for refugees in this time of crisis. Churches, schools, grassroots organizations and mutual aid projects across Poland are joining forces to support Ukrainian refugees in this creative way.

$50 supplies vegetable seeds and inputs for one Refugee Resiliency Garden in Poland.

Women for Women International: Working with local partners to supply holistic and comprehensive care to women and children evacuated from Mariupol. This care includes safe spaces for women to gather, access to reproductive health care, gender-based violence counseling, legal assistance and Polish language learning courses.

World Food Program USA: Serving 4.8 million people affected by the conflict on behalf of the United Nations. Teams across Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland are helping with in-kind food distributions, cash-based transfers and refugee support as needed. They are also leading emergency telecommunications and logistics clusters for Ukraine and neighboring countries assisting in the response. The World Food Program is also forming a partnership with UNICEF to support vulnerable children with food and nutrition commodities.

$75 feeds a family of five for one month.

World Vision: Sharing essential aid supplies, such as emergency food assistance packages and educational support, for hundreds of thousands of people. World Vision is also working with partners to support refugees in Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia. They’ve opened community centers for children to play and learn, shipped food to hospitals and built sanitation systems.

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you for your generous support to the citizens of Ukraine. Global Impact is extremely grateful for the outpouring of love and overwhelming response to this devastating  world challenge. With your donations, these organizations have been able to implement programs, provide monetary and health care assistance and lessen the emotional load on the millions of Ukrainian citizens that are experiencing these massive hardships.