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A humanitarian relief organization serving internationally and locally with expertise in refugee health care, disaster relief, and mobile dental programs.



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Ukraine Response Fund
As the Ukraine crisis continues, Global Impact charities are on the ground providing critical emergency services like medical care, shelter, food, water and more.

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Lauren Odderstol

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Lauren Odderstol

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Samira and Shaza outside an informal refugee settlement
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Medical Teams International

It feels like a lifetime ago that the image of Alan Kurdi, a young Syrian boy who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, made global headlines. That tragic image shocked the world. It brought attention to the conflict in Syria that has forced millions of people from their homes.

This month marks ten years since the unrest began in Syria. In the last decade, millions of families have tried to build new lives, living as refugees in other countries. One of those countries is Lebanon, where Medical Teams works.

Families living in these settlements still struggle to meet their basic needs. They still need medical care and mental health support.



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