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Global Partners in Care

Improving access to hospice and palliative care worldwide where the need is great and resources are few through collaborative partnerships between US and international organizations.

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Michelle Sorenson / Intern with Global Partners in Care

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Center for Hospice Care/Global Partners in Care

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African Palliative Care Association

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Hospice of the North Coast/Global Partners in Care

Partnerships give people from vastly different places the opportunity to share the joy of visiting hospice patients - and the opportunity to recognize the work is the same at heart, whether it is in Malawi or California. Nkhoma Hospital palliative care program is partnered with Hospice of the North Coast in California. While visiting his partner in California, Leviticus, the Chaplain from the Nkhoma Hospital palliative care program, to visit patients. Norma was delighted to see Leviticus and he was able to engage her in life review using a photobook that Norma shared with him. Norma shared her philosophy of life with him which is 1) stay positive and 2) one small glass of wine per day. Leviticus found this very interesting and was delighted to share in her joy.



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