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How you can help in the fight against human trafficking

Women gather for their weekly savings meeting

Human trafficking is one of the hardest international relief and development causes to talk about. The crime has been documented in 148 countries, and includes forced sexual exploitation, labor, involuntary marriage, organ trade and more. An estimated 40.3 million people are trafficked each year, and roughly a third of those are children under the age […]

WORLD RELIEF: Volunteers, Women’s Group and Preventing Childhood Marriage

Women's Group

Errenah is 14-years-old and lives in the Chuya village in Mbelwa region of Mzimba district. She is in 6th grade at Machamira Primary School and is the oldest of seven children. As the first-born child, she wanted to be a role model to her siblings and was determined to accomplish that goal by focusing on […]

Test your knowledge of human trafficking and World Relief

Two girls sitting together

Human trafficking, which includes forced labor and sexual exploitation, is far more widespread than many realize. It is an industry that brings in about $115 billion annually with an estimated 40.3 million victims globally. Thanks to the work of organizations like World Relief, a Global Impact charity alliance partner, the issue is not being ignored. […]

WORLD RELIEF: Refugee & Immigration Services


Pabi is a 15-year-old student poised for a bright future. As a freshman, she just received a full college scholarship. But Pabi’s past wasn’t as bright as her future is now. In 2010, when she was just in 5th grade, Pabi and her family fled Nepal as conditions in Bhutan became exceedingly dangerous. They came […]