Maha enjoys reading books from the Camel Library, which brings books to children in Ethiopia who are out of school due to the pandemic. Like 26 million other children in Ethiopia, Mahadiya (Maha) is out of school because of the coronavirus lockdown. Maha is worried about her family, who has lost income due to the […]

How to help the Ukrainian people with Global Impact charities

As the Ukraine crisis continues, Global Impact charities are on the ground providing critical emergency services like medical care, shelter, food, water and more. Many of our partners had a presence in Ukraine and the surrounding area prior to the invasion, positioning them to respond quickly to the devastating situation with in-country staff and local […]

SAVE THE CHILDREN: Ibrahim , 14 , Venezuela

Ibrahim (14) smiles in his teacher's office

Ibrahim loves all things technology and hopes to be a mechanical engineer when he grows up. He doesn’t like homework but enjoys studying – in fact, his father is a teacher at the school he attends in Venezuela, which Save the Children supports in coordination with a local partner. Since the start of the pandemic, […]

SAVE THE CHILDREN: Maya*, 11 years old

Maya’s* story through a translator “I love school because I learn manners, culture and respect. I learn everything.” “Finish your studies because it is so beneficial. It teaches you culture, manners, reading and writing. “My favourite subject is Arabic. Our house is close to the school, so it takes me five minutes to arrive here. […]

SAVE THE CHILDREN: Maya, 11 yrs old, loves going to school

Maya, 11 yrs old, loves going to school

Maya, 11 yrs old from Sa’ada, lives next to her school. Maya loves going to school, she is the top student. The main challenge she faces is that there’s no female teacher in her village. She wants to become a teacher so that she could encourage the girls to continue their education and and to […]