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SAVE THE CHILDREN: Ibrahim , 14 , Venezuela

Juan Andres Pinto/Save the Children
Ibrahim (14) smiles in his teacher's office

Ibrahim loves all things technology and hopes to be a mechanical engineer when he grows up.

He doesn’t like homework but enjoys studying – in fact, his father is a teacher at the school he attends in Venezuela, which Save the Children supports in coordination with a local partner.

Since the start of the pandemic, however, school has looked a little bit different.

“I think the pandemic was something we did not expect,” Ibrahim says, noting that the transition to online classes due to COVID-19 has been especially tough. “We cannot attend school anymore…that makes me feel bad, because it is more complicated to have virtual lessons,” he explains. “For me, it is better when we go to face-to-face lessons. I feel I understand better, and the teacher explains better, too.”

To help children like Ibrahim keep up with their studies during the pandemic, Save the Children is providing school kits and learning materials focused on literacy and numeracy. We are also supporting teachers, equipping them with the tools and guidance they need to best support their students with their at-home studies during this challenging time.

Please note: photos were taken at school for logistical reasons. Sometimes Ibrahim comes into school to hand in his homework assignments, but there have been no in-person classes since March 2020.

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