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MOAS: Mission in Ukraine

In February 2022, MOAS deployed into the Eastern Oblasts with two mobile medical units dedicated to providing primary healthcare services and supporting national health initiatives such as vaccinations and COVID-19 control. The escalation of violence pushed MOAS to send in a uniquely qualified tactical, strategic team made up of an operational lead, medical coordinator, security […]

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Children smiling in a group

The crisis in Ukraine has understandably been top of mind for all of us these last few months. There has been record-breaking fundraising to support the people of Ukraine (including over $1.5 million raised here at Global Impact) and it’s deeply moving to witness this swell in support. Certainly, other refugee crises have captured the […]

MOAS (MIGRANT OFFSHORE AID STATION): Stories of statelessness

Stories of statelessness

Since 2015, when we started to focus on Rohingya refugees, we listened to their testimonies, first in Myanmar and then in Bangladesh. The Rohingya, a stateless Muslim minority, have been persecuted since the 1970s, when entire families were forced to leave Myanmar to escape the continuous restrictions on freedom of movement from the lack of […]


Water Bangladesh

Nayapara Registered Refugee Camp, like all the camps in Cox’s Bazar, is frequently inundated by monsoon storms during rainy season which causes water levels to rise dramatically in the streams, pools and reservoirs in the camps. Children are particularly at risk, given the almost total absence of safe places to play, and the irresistible attraction […]


Responding to the vast humanitarian need of the 740, 000 Rohingya refugees who fled to Bangladesh in the summer of 2017 to escape violence in Myanmar, MOAS arrived in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh in September 2017 and quickly established two ‘Primary Healthcare Aid Stations’ to serve the refugee camps of Shamlapur and Unchiprang. Here Rohingya refugees […]