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MOAS: Mission in Ukraine

In February 2022, MOAS deployed into the Eastern Oblasts with two mobile medical units dedicated to providing primary healthcare services and supporting national health initiatives such as vaccinations and COVID-19 control. The escalation of violence pushed MOAS to send in a uniquely qualified tactical, strategic team made up of an operational lead, medical coordinator, security specialist and logistics fixer. In the following weeks, MOAS broadened the emergency deployment to support the Ukraine Ministry of Health and WHO in emergency medical response in the field and on the front lines. Therefore, we shifted the initial deployment plan into a comprehensive, national, front-line point of injury and trauma care program that has spanned half a dozen Oblasts. This was achieved with the support of teams of up to 100 tactical medics at a time, operating a fleet of 27 Class C ambulances. So far, MOAS has treated more than 10.000 patients on the front line and over 20.000 people in communities cut off from health infrastructure, while thousands have been triaged. Additional training has been delivered to 10.000 healthcare providers and locals on cutting-edge medical techniques and technologies, to improve the overall health and well-being of the population. MOAS coordinates with relevant stakeholders to deploy tactical medics, strategic logisticians, and a battery of supplies and equipment directly to the front lines. It is here that MOAS medics are working daily to save lives and treat patients with trauma injuries caused by artillery fire, small arms, rocket systems, shrapnel, and different battlefield injuries. During our operations, we have worked across the country throughout the most affected regions such as the Kharkiv, Donetsk, Mykolaiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, Vinnytsia and Kyiv oblasts. Story from the field – How the Bible Saved a Life A member of the MOAS staff recalls a heartwarming and touching story of how for someone faith became a shield and literally saved his life. << We found a damaged bible among the belongings of a person we had saved. The holy book of Christianity stopped a bullet - it protected and preserved the one who carried it near the heart. The patient shared with us his feelings about this experience: "The horrors of war, being under fire, have reminded me of an ancient biblical truth from the Book of Jeremiah: 'I am with you,' says the Lord to save you.' Therefore, this book has always been with me, because in the face of war, on the verge of life and eternity often the only thing left is to trust in God's will!". Regardless of your religious beliefs, this amazing story makes everyone think. >>

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