INTERNATIONAL RELIEF TEAMS: Estrella and Her Brothers Have Hope for a Brighter Future

Kids Kingdom Orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico – Estrella, age 11, and her twin brothers, age five, were brought to Kids Kingdom by police in March 2021. They were rescued from a family environment where violence and drug abuse were common occurrences. Estrella and her brothers were neglected, given little food, and did not attend school. […]


Derek Cerrato Lemus has been sick since the day he was born. He is three years old and has suffered every day of his short life with an undiagnosed illness. His parents, Oracio and Rosalina, tried desperately to find a solution for him but were limited by their circumstances. Therefore, their little boy continued to […]

INTERNATIONAL RELIEF TEAMS: “My Children Cried from Hunger”

Sahra outside her shelter selling vegetables and firewood at

A young mother in Somalia escapes war and natural disaster with her four children. After enduring years of violent civil war, drought, famine and torrential flooding, Sahra, a 30-year-old woman from a small village in Somalia, found herself struggling to provide for her children’s most basic needs. “I often didn’t have enough money for food. […]