Human trafficking: A worldwide humanitarian issue

Human trafficking is often a difficult topic to talk about – and even more challenging for those working to end human trafficking every day. There are more than 40 million human trafficking victims worldwide, including men, women and children trapped in forms of modern slavery: from forced labor to sexual exploitation. Human trafficking occurs in nearly every country around the globe stemming from both in-person and online targeting.

Free the Slaves: From Slavery to Dressmaking Trainer in the Congo

Women smiling together.

My story is hard to tell,” says Benita Furaha, a trainer at a dressmaking training center in Rubaya, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Benita’s parents died when she was 13. Her older brother threatened to starve her or to send her out of the house if she couldn’t contribute to household expenses. One option was […]

Free the Slaves

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FREE THE SLAVES: From Restavek to Renewal

Meet Carline Like many people in rural Haiti, Carline grew up in poverty. As a child, Carline’s family struggled to care for her. When she got older, she was sent to live with another family. Although her family thought Carline would be cared for, she endured enslavement and abuse. As an adult, Carline struggled to […]

How you can help in the fight against human trafficking

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Human trafficking is one of the hardest international relief and development causes to talk about. The crime has been documented in 148 countries, and includes forced sexual exploitation, labor, involuntary marriage, organ trade and more. An estimated 40.3 million people are trafficked each year, and roughly a third of those are children under the age […]

FREE THE SLAVES: Building Freedom Brick by Brick

Photo of woman holding up a brick

The mistreatment of residents from Kukdaha was typical of Indian “brick belt” slavery. You might think that once freed, they would never want to make bricks again. But these survivors decided to do in freedom what they did in slavery. Except this time, they’d get paid and use the earnings to build new lives in […]


Kwezi just after being rescued for traffickers

Free the Slaves team based in Ghana shared wit a remarkable success story. Kwezi* was sent to fishing slavery by his mother for a payment of $10 from a trafficker. He is just 7 years old. Poverty and large family sizes often prompt vulnerable families to sell a child into slavery. Many people do not […]

Help end modern slavery with your buying power

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You might be surprised to learn that tens of millions of people around the world are enslaved. I was. Yes, slavery has been outlawed, but it has not been eliminated. And, unfortunately you and I could be supporting slave labor without even knowing it. The items we regularly purchase can so easily come from a […]

FREE THE SLAVES: He Escaped to Reclaim Hope

Gabriel is now in school instead of in slavery

Every child has the right to grow up in a safe environment that provides opportunities for a decent future. It’s a fundamental value, self-determination. Unfortunately, thousands of children in Ghana are denied this basic principle of fairness. Instead, they are trafficked into fishing slavery. Our Growing up Free program in Ghana, supported by your contributions, […]