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SIGHTSAVERS: “I don’t have a tummy ache any more!”

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Ngo Ndombol at school in Cameroon

Children’s health and education go hand in hand: the healthier a child is, the more they are able to go to school, and the better their life chances.

School-aged children are the most at-risk group for intestinal worms and schistosomiasis: these neglected tropical diseases can lead to pain, stigma and a loss of education. But both diseases can be controlled through large-scale treatment programmes that target the entire at-risk population.

Deworming programmes supported by charity evaluator GiveWell focus on school children. Students are treated via mass drug administration to reduce the chances of the diseases spreading, and are taught about the importance of good hygiene and sanitation.

Deworming programmes have had a huge impact in Cameroon. At the end of 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, a deworming campaign supported by GiveWell went ahead in the Littoral region of western Cameroon to protect children from disease.

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