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OUTRIGHT INTERNATIONAL: OutRight’s work at the United Nations

OutRight International
OutRight & the United Nations LGBTI Core Group

OutRight was founded by a woman and is a proudly feminist organization, committed to the advancement of gender equality and LGBTIQ human rights around the world. “Sandra” is a social justice advocate from Mauritius. She is an OutRight Religion Fellow. OutRight’s Religion Fellowship is a 12-month program that supports LGBTIQ human rights defenders from around the world to harness the New York-based UN system to add value to their existing work and to collaborate with peers on strategies for combating religiously based LGBTIQ-phobia. Speaking at the United Nations on behalf of the LBTI Caucus in 2021, Sandra had the opportunity to address a question to the United Nations’ Secretary General during the annual Townhall with Civil Society. She asked what actions have been taken by the United Nations (UN) for a people-centered recovery from COVID-19, specifically to ensure health care access and equity issues facing LGBTIQ seniors. The Secretary-General, Mr. António Guterres, stated in response that the UN has a commitment to address the issues LGBTIQ persons face, that discrimination is unacceptable, and that no one will be left behind. Evoking powerful words from people in powerful positions matters. Having a seat at the power table matters. OutRight helps ensure that LGBTIQ people – and queer and trans women like Sandra – have a seat at the table.

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