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DIRECT RELIEF: Obstetric Fistula Surgery at HEAL Africa Hospital

HEAL Africa / Direct Relief
Rosine at HEAL Africa Hospital in Goma

Rosine, an 18-year-old woman, sustained a fistula while attempting to give birth to her first child at a local health post. Three days afterwards, she started leaking urine. “I lost the baby, and contracted fistula. My fear was enormous, and my despair fatal,” Rosine reportedly said at the time. Fortunately, medical providers at the health post referred her to HEAL Africa, a hospital in Goma providing fistula repair surgery at no cost. Remembering that her late grandmother experienced a similar situation, Rosine had believed that her condition was incurable and felt completely hopeless.
Once at HEAL Africa, Rosine was immediately treated with respect and dignity. She later stated, “I will never forget the day I was welcomed at HEAL Africa, as the warm first contact I got with the hospital brought back the hope of healing I had already lost.” Rosine underwent a successful repair procedure and was incredibly happy and grateful to be dry and able to go back to her village. When leaving, she committed to encouraging other women suffering from fistula to travel to HEAL Africa for care.

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