As we reach the thick of summer, there are so many things to look forward to. Whether you have a family vacation coming up or are just lounging outside and enjoying the weather, it’s a good time to reflect and reset. This is true not only in your personal life but also in your professional sphere. While coworkers are in and out and emails have slowed down, take this time to catch up on the latest news and trends in the philanthropic field. Plus, you may as well do your reading outside when it’s warm and sunny!

Below are my eight favorite philanthropic news sources:

1. Global Impact’s Greater Giving Weekly newsletter

  • Full disclaimer: I manage our weekly newsletter, so of course I gave it the number one spot! But in all seriousness, this is the number one piece you need to subscribe to as our newsletter is a free and convenient roundup of the best articles in the space.
  • About: “Greater Giving Weekly includes the latest philanthropy and Global Impact news. Stay up-to-date on employee engagement, disaster response, the Sustainable Development Goals, corporate social responsibility, giving global, impact investing and more.”
  • Cadence: It is sent every Thursday.
  • Cost: None!
  • A recent standout article:  How Hope for Haiti has leveraged the newest trend in philanthropy—streaming and gamification.

2. RW Institute’s Webinar Roundup weekly

  • Best for webinars on CSR and employee engagement.
  • About: “The RW Institute (RWI) is solving the unsolvable problems facing corporate citizenship — the most intractable, systemic problems. We are creating a powerful movement of stakeholders working together around the world, asking and answering questions bigger than any one company, organization, or issue.”
  • Cadence: Their newsletter is sent weekly.
  • Cost: None.
  • A recent standout newsletter: Online Events focused on Corporate Citizenship and CSR.

3. The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Visit the website.

  • Best for in-depth analysis of industry news.
  • About: “For nearly 35 years, the Chronicle of Philanthropy has been the premier source of news, information, analysis, and opinion in the rapidly growing nonprofit world. Nearly 350,000 nonprofit professionals, foundation executives, board members, fundraisers, donors, and others working to advance the common good rely on it to stay informed, learn, and broaden their perspective. Now an independent nonprofit, the Chronicle is innovating and growing as it shines a spotlight on one of the most under-covered but crucial areas of American life.”
  • Cadence: They publish multiple articles per week and have a variety of newsletters.
  • Cost: You can access some articles for free, and once you’ve hit the limit you can subscribe for around $110 per year.
  • A recent standout article: Nonprofits are harder to find on search engines; what motivates donors and volunteers; DAFs with the most to give.

4. Glo Dollar’s Blog
Visit the blog.

  • Best for news about crypto in philanthropy.
  • About: “The Glo Development Foundation is addressing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #1 to ‘end poverty in all its forms everywhere’ by creating a stablecoin called Glo Dollar that generates basic income for people in extreme poverty.”
  • Cadence: They publish multiple blog posts per year.
  • Cost: None.
  • A recent standout blog post: How crypto philanthropy DAOs could revolutionize charity.

5. Forbes Nonprofit Council
Visit the website.

  • Best for peer perspectives.
  • About: “Successful nonprofit executives from Forbes Nonprofit Council offer firsthand insights on nonprofit leadership & trends.”
  • Cadence: At least weekly.
  • Cost: You can access some articles for free but have to become a Forbes Member for unlimited access. An annual subscription is around $50.
  • A recent standout article: How nonprofits can attract and retain younger donors.

6. Devex
Visit the website.

  • Best for insights on global news.
  • About: “We report from the front lines of the fight to achieve the SDGs – driving the most important debates, providing the most critical analysis, and backing it all up with the events, career information, and funding opportunities professionals require.”
  • Cadence: They publish multiple articles per week and offer a variety of newsletters.
  • Cost: There are free articles and a premium news subscription for about $400 per year.
  • A recent standout article: Fighting in Sudan has brought health care to its knees, a doctor says.

7. Philanthropy News Digest
Visit the website.

  • Best for the latest news on grants.
  • About: “Philanthropy News Digest (PND) a daily news service of Candid, is a compendium, in digest form, of philanthropy-related articles and features culled from print and electronic media outlets nationwide. Published daily, PND news items summarize the contents of original articles, press releases, and grantmaker communications.”
  • Cadence: Articles are published daily and they offer a variety of newsletters.
  • Cost: None.
  • A recent standout article: Apple’s racial equity and justice initiative committed $200 million.

8. BONUS: Fast Company contributions from our very own Nathaniel Heller
See his articles.

It is my hope that the above resources help spark inspiration and enhance your end of year planning. Craving more ideas? See how we can help your nonprofit grow with everything from fundraising strategy and implementation to financial services.