In a world where technology changes every day, it’s hard to keep up with all of the lates trends, innovations and applications. Our charity partner Hope for Haiti is here to share about how they are leveraging technology and using the fundraising platform Tiltify to connect with a younger generation of donors and companies. Read ahead to learn how gaming and streaming can help you connect your employees or donors with the causes you care most about!

Kendy Désir, a primary school student in southern Haiti, stands out among his classmates at St. Antoine for his open-mindedness and love for his school. Until Hope for Haiti reconstructed Kendy’s school block following the 2021 earthquake, he was going to have to travel to faraway communities, journeying through mountains, just to get to school each day.

“Today,” he said, “I am excited to be sitting in this classroom and learning.”

The project to rebuild Kendy’s school following the 7.2 magnitude earthquake was one of many education and public health projects Hope for Haiti tackled following the event. A large part of why Hope for Haiti exists today is due to children like Kendy, who wouldn’t otherwise have safe and reliable access to education.

Hope for Haiti relies on generous people from around the world to help support projects that improve access to education, health care, clean water, and economic opportunities in southern Haiti, which is why the organization launched a fundraising page on Tiltify in 2020. Tiltify is the most recognized platform worldwide for livestream and digital fundraising, allowing video game streamers and content creators to support charitable organizations of their choice by leveraging their platforms.

Aiming to attract the next generation of philanthropists and be on the cutting edge of fundraising technology, Hope for Haiti launched its Tiltify page, which has raised more than $100,000 in the past three years. By partnering with well-known cause streamers who fundraise for nonprofit organizations and reaching out online to streamers who were not yet familiar with Hope for Haiti, the streaming team was able to raise more than $13,000 in April 2023.

Using Tiltify, content creators are able to interact with their audience and fundraise for their chosen cause seamlessly. By playing games like The Sims and participating in in-game challenges decided by their audience, the creators made each viewer and donor feel like a valued part of the experience. Use of the platform also introduced Hope for Haiti and its work to a new generation of potential donors (primarily Gen Z), who may follow a certain gamer or creator, but not yet know of the organization.

This year, Tiltify launched a new program allowing companies to create their own campaigns supporting the organization of their choice, then allowing the employees to join the team, enjoy some friendly competition and fundraise for a cause they care about. Some companies have added unique incentives, such as early release days or the CEO wearing a silly costume to work when the company reaches particular fundraising milestones.

After Hope for Haiti’s success thus far in fundraising with individual creators via Tiltify, the potential in partnering with a company is promising! Company campaigns in Tiltify create a digital space for employees to communicate outside of the workplace while raising money for a cause they, and the company they work for, are inspired by. It’s an innovative way to bring camaraderie to the office while giving back to the community.

As technology evolves, it has opened up new doors for how we can all connect – even in philanthropy! Whether you are a company looking to involve the younger generation of employees in your philanthropic program or you’re a nonprofit looking to attract a new audience of donors, using an online streaming or gaming platform is a unique and fun way to engage. With features like creating group fundraising initiatives, adding games or fun community challenges, setting milestones and rewards or even featuring internet celebrities, gamification and streaming provide your organization the opportunity to connect with donors through a new and exciting channel.

Global Impact’s Charity Alliance members, like Hope for Haiti, are leaders in global development and work in lifesaving cause areas like education, health, clean water and more. If you are interested in featuring one of our members in your gamification or streamer fundraising campaign reach out to us at [email protected].

More About Hope for Haiti:
With experience running poverty alleviation programs in Haiti since 1989, Hope for Haiti has emerged as one of the most trusted nonprofit organizations working to improve the quality of life for the Haitian people, particularly women and children. Through an integrated program model focused on long-term solutions and a community-driven approach, Hope for Haiti is dedicated to addressing the root causes of poverty and works to empower individuals and communities in southern Haiti. Hope for Haiti is a 4-star rated charity by Charity Navigator and is a participant at the Platinum Level through the GuideStar Exchange, two leading independent evaluators recognizing the organization’s transparency and careful stewardship of donor resources. Hope for Haiti was a winner of the 2021 Classy Awards in the Social Innovation category and was named a Top 50 Finalist in 2022 and 2023. Join us in our mission:

About Tiltify:
Tiltify is the leading platform for interactive fundraising. Trusted by over 5,000 charities internationally, Tiltify’s incentive features allow organizations and corporations to stay ahead of the curve with the tools fundraisers need to succeed.