When we launched the Environment Cause Fund in 2021, we were looking to align donor interests in protecting the Earth with the work of our charities. Even in the past few years, much has changed.

As the effects of climate change have continued to accelerate at a rapid pace, it’s become increasingly apparent that the environment is just one aspect at stake with a changing climate. World hunger has been increasing for the first time in decades, fueled by droughts and other extreme weather events. Climate-fueled disasters are now the number one driver of the refugee crisis. And although all of us feel the effects of climate change, its consequences are unequal; the most vulnerable members of society suffer the most.

Our efforts can also no longer solely focus on mitigating future effects – they must provide real solutions to today’s challenges. Communities need to be able to adapt faster and smarter to climate change to preserve the environment and countless lives. Luckily, our charity partners are leading the way by pioneering agricultural trainings on adapting to changes in rainfall, creating extreme weather monitoring systems, increasing access to innovative climate financing and advocating for governments to reduce their carbon footprints.

To express the scale and urgency of these problems, we are renaming our Environment Fund to our Climate Resilience Fund. This name reflects our charity partners’ groundbreaking work to help communities stand stronger against climate change and its widespread effects. From strengthening food chains to diversifying ecosystems, climate resilience prepares vulnerable populations for the real impacts of climate change we’re seeing today.

We need urgent action from donors like you to build climate resilient communities around the world. You can be a global champion for climate resilience by:

Your support has a direct and meaningful effect on people like Paul, a farmer in Kenya. He participates in an agricultural finance program that is helping him adapt to years of inadequate rainfall through high-quality seeds for drought-tolerant crops and connections to new commercial buyers via mobile phone. The program helps farmers like Paul adapt to the impacts of a changing climate and shocks like COVID-19 by providing data and insights about weather and pests, as well as digital financial services.

Photo credit: Ezra Millstein/Mercy Corps

Thank you for being a global champion for climate resilience in your workplace.