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Fiscal Sponsorship

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Looking to raise funds for your charitable cause? Not a nonprofit?

Global Impact can help you raise money for your cause. As a leader in growing global philanthropy, we understand what it takes to run a nonprofit, which includes raising funds no matter your cause area. If your group or organization wants to generate money for a charitable cause but doesn’t have the nonprofit status to do so, Global Impact can help make fundraising possible by serving as your fiscal sponsor.

Whether you plan to become a 501(c)(3) at some point or are looking for a permanent solution to receive funding, fiscal sponsorship through Global Impact can provide an efficient and affordable solution.

We work with over 50 organizations to provide support for raising funds.

Wherever you are located, our fiscal sponsorship program can be a solution for you. To begin the conversation, start by filling out our Fiscal Sponsorship application form. Our fiscal projects generally fall into one of the following categories:


International organizations seeking to raise funds in the United States


A U.S. foundation or charitable entity that does not have its own 501(c)(3) status


A foundation or corporation that wants to grant internationally


A one-time project, event or collaboration that will raise collective funds


A B Corporation looking to receive corporate, foundation or grant dollars


Giving circles that use our no-minimum donor-advised fund, Growfund

Fiscal Sponsorship Services

As your fiscal sponsor, Global Impact facilitates the solicitation and receipt of donations from within the U.S. and around the world. Our 501(c)(3) status allows your organization to apply for and receive grants and establish donations as tax deductible. We also help you establish partnerships with funders, including foundations, corporations, public sector entities and individuals.

A fiscal sponsorship offers many benefits, and as your partner, Global Impact will:

  • Maintain a bank account on your behalf, including all funds received for the organization.
  • Provide monthly financial reporting on account balances and donations.
  • Liaise with donors to facilitate processing and reporting of donations.
  • Report donor details back to your organization, including gross amount of donations, to facilitate further donor acknowledgment and ongoing cultivation.
  • Provide donor acknowledgement services.
  • Pay organizational vendor and contractor expenses.
  • Provide payroll and benefits, including comprehensive health care and a 401(k) employer match. (optional)
  • Support transition to Global Impact, if currently working with another fiscal sponsor, including transfer of existing bank account balances, as well as relationships and contracts with vendors, contractors and donors. (optional)

Online Giving Platform

We work with you to design, develop and deploy eye-catching, custom donation pages. The look and feel of your giving page can also be applied seamlessly to the rest of your website. Other features include the ability to:

  • Receive credit card, check, e-check, ACH, wires and securities.
  • Create a variety of recurring donation options.
  • Send donor acknowledgements and U.S. tax receipts.
  • Integrate with other platforms as needed (e.g., Salesforce).
  • Develop simple donation forms that can be integrated into an existing website.




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