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Committed to restoring sight and transforming lives of blind people in developing countries. Since 1974, nearly half a million people have received free eye surgery.



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Liz Engriser, "Good Neighbors - Inspired by Piet Mondrian", mixed media
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Art by Liz Engriser, "Good Neighbors - Inspired by Piet Mondrian", Mixed media

Virtual fundraisers certainly present a number of logistical and technical challenges, and we are all missing the face-to-face community and connection building that were so important to in-person fundraisers. However, it remains critical that we find ways to garner donor support for our causes amongst the many other competing charitable interests. 

The greatest resource to achieving this end is simple – each other. Our advice is to look to other nonprofits for new ideas and success stories of fundraising done right, even in our new virtual world. And don’t stop there – if you find yourself with a story or strategy of your own, share it with others! 

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SEE International

Prem Thapa ji is a well-known street artist from Nepal who recently had his life transformed by the gift of sight. Premji had dedicated his entire life to his passion for art, sharing his love for painting, literature, and music with his hometown of Palpa before leaving to attend art school in India. After attending art school, Premji invested all his time and effort into creating beautiful paintings for the public. But when his vision began to deteriorate, his ability to paint progressively dwindled. His eyesight became blurry, and eventually, he was unable to distinguish colors. Without the funds to cover the costs of the cataract surgery he needed, Premji feared that he would have to give up painting forever.



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