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HCP works to cure needless blindness with the highest quality care at the lowest cost, through ophthalmic care, education, and establishment of world-class infrastructure.



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A group of women sitting down outside and looking at the camera. Logo: Himalayan Cataract Project
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John Kernick

The 2 million cataract surgeries that are performed in the U.S. each year make the procedure feel routine, when actually the results are quite extraordinary.

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Amanda Conde / HCP Cure Blindness

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Maheder Haileselassie / HCP Cure Blindness

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HCP Cure Blindness

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The Bravest Boy
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Christopher Briscoe / HCP Cure Blindness

A father's little boy sits in a line of cataract patients, all bearing a handwritten I.D. number taped to their foreheads. They are waiting for their turn on the operating table, already wearing blue medical gowns with dark plastic bags wrapped around their feet.

The father and the boy listen as the eye nurse explains that he will be inserting a needle behind the eye and that it will hurt, but only for a moment. “You must be very still,” he is told.



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