PRISON FELLOWSHIP INTERNATIONAL: Prisoners in Colombia celebrate program graduation

Prisoners Graduate from Faith-Based Programs in Colombia

Today there are more than 10 million prisoners worldwide who are locked away and forgotten. Prison Fellowship International (PFI) has two signature programs designed to bring hope and restoration to prisoners. The Prisoner’s Journey (TPJ), our in-prison evangelism and discipleship program, is now in 36 countries and 660 prisons inviting prisoners to meet Jesus. Already […]

How to help the Ukrainian people with Global Impact charities

As the Ukraine crisis continues, Global Impact charities are on the ground providing critical emergency services like medical care, shelter, food, water and more. Many of our partners had a presence in Ukraine and the surrounding area prior to the invasion, positioning them to respond quickly to the devastating situation with in-country staff and local […]

PRISON FELLOWSHIP INTERNATIONAL: Helping families of prisoners start a small business

Prison Fellowship Togo recently helped Abigael and her mother. Her father is incarcerated and Abigael and her mother soon found themselves with no home and no income. After she contacted Prison Fellowship Togo, the staff assisted her in finding accommodation and gave her a loan to start a small business selling soap and detergent. Empowered […]

PRISON FELLOWSHIP INTERNATIONAL: A Holistic Approach to the Problem of Crime

Maria Jose, in Colombia, visits her father in prison

Maria Jose is nine years old. She is bright and outgoing, and her smile cheers a whole room. But she has a sad secret: four years ago her father Alfredo was sent to prison. He won’t be released until after she graduates high school. She misses him every day—so much she’s developed severe anxiety. Maria […]