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PRISON FELLOWSHIP INTERNATIONAL: Prisoners in Colombia celebrate program graduation

Prison Fellowship Colombia
Prisoners Graduate from Faith-Based Programs in Colombia

Today there are more than 10 million prisoners worldwide who are locked away and forgotten. Prison Fellowship International (PFI) has two signature programs designed to bring hope and restoration to prisoners.

The Prisoner’s Journey (TPJ), our in-prison evangelism and discipleship program, is now in 36 countries and 660 prisons inviting prisoners to meet Jesus. Already more than one million prisoners have received the invitation.

Sycamore Tree Project (STP) is a cooperative process that allows willing prisoners and victims to meet and explore topics such as personal responsibility and making amends; this growing program is now in 9 countries and 233 prisons.

In this photo, you’ll see a shared graduation ceremony for prisoners in Santa Marta Prison in Colombia, TPJ graduates on the left, and STP graduates on the right. So many lives on the path to restoration and redemption!

From Carlos, a prisoner graduating from the TPJ course says, “In prison, I joined The Prisoner’s Journey and began to learn about God. Through this program, I am learning how to let things go and ask the Lord to help me not to get carried away by anger. I have made some changes in my life and have stopped resorting to violence when I get angry in the prison yard. I no longer want to be part of any criminal groups. I want to live my life for good, building others up instead of tearing them down.”

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