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OXFAM AMERICA: Saving lives in El Salvador

Las Gardenias Women's Association. El Salvador. 2018

America Oxfam’s work to prevent gender violence in Central America is progressing, but, as an external evaluator concluded, the program is at a crucial juncture. Our objective To help to reduce violence against women through systemic changes—from changing cultural attitudes to reforming the national judicial and legal system. Evaluative approach Oxfam commissioned a strategic review […]

How Oxfam America is tackling the consequences of COVID-19

Three women standing in front of a sign and smiling down at the camera.

As the pandemic continues, one thing is becoming clearer – COVID-19 is threatening far more than global health alone. Last month, our President & CEO Scott Jackson examined the effects of COVID-19 outside of global health and its impact on our long-term goals. Acting quickly to protect vulnerable communities is paramount, and charities are already […]

OXFAM AMERICA: Lights from Heaven

Members of the women’s group Majelis Ta’lim Nurul Jannah

The coastal village of Lende Tovea is located at the epicenter of the earthquake that struck the Indonesian island of Sulawesi in September 2018. It was a town of 468 homes, until 187 came crashing down that day. Seven people died. Fast action in the wake of disasters can save lives, which is one of […]

Change the world with Oxfam at home and in the office

Women smiling outside of a pineapple cooperative in Rwanda.

During the holiday season, many of us reflect on the past year, noting the highs and lows, reassessing the quality of our work and lifestyle. We adjust habits, resolving to live with purpose and expand our horizons, often in the ways we treat others. With a greater emphasis on positive social behaviors, companies and their […]

OXFAM AMERICA: Female plumbers plug up leaks in Jordan’s water system

Water scarcity is a major problem in Jordan, which has one of the lowest levels of water accessibility in the world. And with more than 650,000 Syrian refugees seeking refuge there, the increasing population has placed a great demand on the water system. Every last drop counts when the country’s resources are draining. And unfortunately, […]