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MERCY CORPS: Libia’s story: Farmer, nurse, community leader

In the luscious and fertile green hills of Cauca in southwestern Colombia a coffee farmer and indigenous women’s rights activist works tirelessly to improve the lives of her community and tend to the land where her family is from. Libia Armida Paz lives in La Sierra on the El Oso reserve, a village home to […]

Champion disaster relief charities through your workplace

First aid responders

Florida. Pakistan. The Horn of Africa. Ukraine. Afghanistan. If you’re keeping up with the news cycle, it seems like there’s a new emergency popping up at the forefront faster than we can even process the emergency that occurred before it. And with so many disasters happening around the world, it can feel flustering to decide […]

MERCY CORPS: Refugees in Warsaw, Poland

Anna S. sits on her bunk

Anna S. sits on her bunk at a shelter for refugees. She and her family fled Kharkiv when the fighting became too intense, and missiles nearly destroyed her family’s home. She has been staying at the shelter for 2 weeks. Her children, 11 and 12, just started attending a Polish school. Her daughter has had […]

Q&A about the environment – and 3 easy ways to protect it

earth, solar panel, wind mill, people

What do you think of when you hear the term environmental protection? Preventing negative changes to our air, land or sea? Do you think of the health and well-being of humans, animals, plants and trees? The general goal is absolutely to conserve these resources and enrich the way of life for all species. But environmental […]

Why inclusive disaster relief is essential in a time of crisis

Food for the Poor delivers food and supplies by boat

Resilience: the ability of individuals to bounce back from adversity stronger than before. We have seen this concept working overtime for a year and a half as the world builds a path to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and other global emergencies. In 2020 alone, a number of overwhelming disasters affected over 98 million people. […]

MERCY CORPS: Helping farmers adapt to climate change and feed millions

Mercy Corps’ AgriFin program in Kenya is helping farmers

Mercy Corps’ AgriFin program in Kenya is helping farmers like Paul Mwendo adapt to years of inadequate rainfall, with high-quality seeds for drought-tolerant crops and connections to new commercial buyers via mobile phone. For small-scale farmers, COVID-19 intensifies the already severe impacts of the climate crisis, not only for the farmers’ livelihoods, but for the millions of people they feed.

How to help entrepreneurs around the world with Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps logo over a photo of an older woman working with her hands

“Beyond delivering aid to meet urgent needs, we develop long-term solutions to make lasting change possible.” – Mercy Corps Global Impact’s Charity Alliance partner Mercy Corps knows that solving complex problems requires long-term solutions. Mercy Corps is a leading humanitarian organization seeking to alleviate poverty around the world. Working in more than 40 countries, the […]

MERCY CORPS: Sprouting new potential for a new family farm

Lydia Ndimu Mutua and her husband, at their small shop.

Lydia originally started farming in 2015 as a means of feeding her family. In the past four years, farming has evolved into an additional source of income. With support from Mercy Corps’ AgriFin program, Lydia is increasing her crop yield, buying livestock and insuring her seeds in case they don’t produce crops. In the two […]

MERCY CORPS: How a Goat Can Change a Girl

With one hand on the rope, Fatsuma gently guides a goat through rows of small, mud huts in her village, the pair softly kicking up dust from the sun-baked land. When she reaches her yard, Fatsuma leads the goat inside and closes the thatched gate behind her. As the eldest daughter in her family, she […]