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What is the formula for powerful global change?

HELEN KELLER INTERNATIONAL: Tuning in to Healthy Habits

It’s Give Global month here at Global Impact and we’re celebrating the work of our charities across all of our 11 cause areas and thinking about how these areas connect and build on one another.

LIVING GOODS: Community health workers champion women & girls’ empowerment

CHW Miriam meets with women in her community

Every day, Miriam braves the rugged terrain of her neighborhood in Isiolo, Kenya and treks for kilometers on end, shuffling between her work as a community health worker, a matron at a girls’ secondary school, a women’s groups coordinator, and an entrepreneur. These roles, she says, bring together the causes she is most passionate about: […]

LIVING GOODS: CHWs are trusted health care providers in their communities

CHW Shamidan meets with client Hasifa and her child

Hasifa lives in a village near Lake Victoria in Buikwe, Uganda. The nearest health center is quite far from her home. There are clinics within a walkable distance, but their services are costly and therefore exclusionary. When her children fall sick, Hasifa calls upon Shamidan, a Living Goods-supported CHW who lives a few houses away. […]