Human Rights Watch: Advocating for a Prisoner Wrongly Held

UN Human Rights

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) held Mike Bryan Smith, a UK national, in detention for years beyond his criminal sentence. And in prison he was denied access to critical medical care after he received diagnoses of cancer and HIV. HRW’s documentation of Smith’s case revealed widespread abuses in the UAE that deny prisoners due process […]

HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: Protecting the Rights of Pregnant school girls in Tanzania

In 2017, Tanzania’s late president instituted a discriminatory ban that pushed pregnant teens out of school and denied young mothers the right to return. Since then, HRW mobilized international opposition by reporting on the devastating impact of compulsory pregnancy testing by school officials. November of 2021, Tanzania’s government announced that it was removing the ban […]

HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: Releasing people in confinement


Human Rights Watch launched a campaign in April asking the Greek government to free hundreds of unaccompanied migrant children held in unhygienic police cells and detention centers, where they face increased risk of contracting the coronavirus. Weeks after #FreetheKids launched, the Greek parliament reduced the maximum time an unaccompanied child could be detained from 45 […]

HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: A Step Forward for 10,000 Rohingya Refugee Children

Mohamed Tua Sin, 15, was in class 9 in Myanmar when he was forced to flee to Bangladesh in late August 2017. Attacks by the Myanmar military forced 740,000 ethnic Rohingya, like Mohamed Tua Sin, to flee their communities in northern Rakhine State and cross the Naf River into Bangladesh. The campaign of ethnic cleansing […]