Helping women and girls in the fight for equality

Girls smiling with books in front of them

Women and girls are often the faces of poverty. And they are essential to overcoming it. You have likely seen the statistics – women have fewer resources and less power compared to men, and they can experience further inequality because of their class, ethnicity and age. Yet, we have also seen the difference made when […]

EPISCOPAL RELIEF & DEVELOPMENT: Providing a Safe Space for Healing

Woman with her arms crossed

In 2011, with a growing number of cases of violence against women, the Mayor of Ariquemes, Brazil held a meeting with non-governmental agencies and local community leaders. The Rev. Hugo Armando Sanchez, parish priest and representative of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil, participated in this discussion. The mayor shared the need to set up […]

EPISCOPAL RELIEF & DEVELOPMENT: Under the Mango Tree, A Savings Group is Born

A savings group meets in Ghana

Twenty-five men and women from the farming community of Kuladaboog in Northern Ghana were meeting for the second time under the shade of a huge mango tree in the middle of the village. They had already agreed to establish a savings group named, “Asongtaaba,” which means “we help each other.” At this mid-December meeting, members […]

EPISCOPAL RELIEF & DEVELOPMENT: Remembering Hurricane Maria Two Years Later

Disaster Recovery Team After Hurricane Maria

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season emerged as the most damaging in recent history with Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria causing destruction throughout Florida, Texas, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and other parts of the US and Caribbean. As we enter into the Season of Resilience we are reflecting on that period, long-term recovery and disaster […]

5 ways to help children thrive

Children in Guatemala smile at the camera.

Looking over your life up to this moment, what memories stand out? Perhaps, happy memories come first: a wedding, a child being born, finishing school, maybe starting a dream job or going on an amazing vacation. Now, think about which memories are the most critical or the most life-changing, moments that proved to be essential […]