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ECHO: Strengthening Communities

Bountiful Harvests

Villagers were contemplating leaving their home and community. The soil in Guesna was hard and brittle, and their harvests kept shrinking. They had heard that land to the south, further from the Sahara desert, was more fertile. Maybe they should give up on their land? Later that year, trainers from ECHO came to Guesna to […]

ECHO: Helping the Most Vulnerable

Apaikunda is a mother of seven in the village of Ngyeku in Tanzania. Her husband passed away, leaving her to care for her young children on her own. She works as a weeder for other people since she does not own any land. In addition to the challenges of being a single parent, Apaikunda is […]

ECHO takes on hunger through farming

ECHO logo over photo of a line of people with their goats

Let’s take a moment to talk about hunger. I know, it’s probably far from your mind right now. In fact, being stuffed and needing some exercise is probably more like it, as we near the end of another holiday season. However, it’s an important topic, and now might just be the exact right time to […]



There is an African proverb which says when you educate a woman, you educate a nation. Their enthusiasm is contagious, as is their knowledge. Magreth Omari makes batiks, stools, embroidery and soap. She participated in an ECHO training program called “Creative Capacity Building”. She was challenged in her soap-making to cut straight, attractive bars; as […]