COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL: New Classrooms Help Kids Get Back to School

Sudanese Boys in School

Collapsed classrooms. Crumbled rooves. Terrified children. The earthquake that strucksouthern Haiti in August 2021 caused widespread damage and left behind a lot of questions. With more than 70% of schools in the region affected, the new school year, set to start in October,was seriously compromised. Most schools were severely damaged or destroyed—and even those not […]


Our Valuable Time

It all started when a group of teenagers in rural Bangladesh began to get fed up with all their spare time. Since the pandemic had shuttered their schools, life had become all play and no studies. Suddenly, their days were free and empty, but their futures felt uncertain. They had to watch with anxiety as […]

COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL: Clean Water – Healthy Children

Peru Children / Water

Splashing and babbling are the soothing sounds made by the Chira River, which runs alongside the town of Tamarindo in Peru. But the river’s soothing sounds mask a sobering truth: Its water is extremely contaminated, dangerous for human consumption. When the local church in Tamarindo partnered with Compassion to launch a child development center, 270 […]


Grace was born with no legs and just one arm. “My relatives thought I was cursed,” she explains. “They told my mother to stop breastfeeding me so that I would starve to death. As I got older, I realized I was different when the other children would laugh and make fun of me.” When she […]