A $45 loan nearly doubled a family’s income. Here’s how. U Htein Win is a widower; his wife passed away four years ago. Four of the couple’s eight children still live at home; the rest are married and living independently. After his wife’s passing, U Htein became the family’s sole breadwinner. U Htein has his […]

CHURCH WORLD SERVICE: Food Boxes For Refugees in Cairo During Pandemic


Food Boxes Help Refugees in Cairo Put Meals on the Table During the Pandemic Trigger warning: The stories below include content that will be hard to read, including sexual violence. Aisha is a single mother of a 5-year-old and a 7-year-old. An Eritrean refugee, she came to Cairo to find safety and work so that […]

Church World Service stands up for immigrants

A woman in an orange head scarf smiles at the camera.

For centuries, immigrants have flocked to the United States, writing the story of America as they created communities, structured governments and formed the foundation of our country. And for more than 70 years, Church World Service (CWS) has worked to support the individuals who seek to rebuild their lives in the United States, contributing their […]

CHURCH WORLD SERVICE: Gardens in Paraguay

10-year-old Mercedes Benitez stands in her community’s garde

A more hopeful new chapter in Paraguay The average farm in the United States is about 443 acres. In rural Paraguay, a 2,500-acre farm is considered to be small to medium scale. This vast area is known as the Gran Chaco. For most of its history, this land has been home to indigenous communities. The […]

CHURCH WORLD SERVICE: Water for LIFE in an arid region of Kenya

Pandasin Orguba at the water kiosk

Think about the running track at your local high school. One lap is about 400 meters. Imagine having to walk around that track 50 times (!!) every day in order to get clean water. Plus, if you want to wash your clothes, you need to carry your laundry for 50 laps, too. Now imagine only […]