Get a better understanding of refugees around the world… in only 15 minutes

Children smiling in a group

The crisis in Ukraine has understandably been top of mind for all of us these last few months. There has been record-breaking fundraising to support the people of Ukraine (including over $1.5 million raised here at Global Impact) and it’s deeply moving to witness this swell in support. Certainly, other refugee crises have captured the […]

Alight: Inspiring New Year’s resolutions and purpose

A group working to manage a refugee camp stands together.

As we ring in 2020 and the new decade, I have been searching for sources of inspiration to guide me toward the purpose I hope to achieve in the coming years. We often find inspiration when we least expect it and in the most unlikely of places. My inspiration was found when I dug deeper […]


The Refugee Olympians

In Rio, they ran away with our hearts. We’re talking about the Refugee Olympic team – a team of athletes, each one of whom defied all of the odds to compete in the XXXI Olympiad. A year later and under the patronage of Tegla Loroupe and the Tegla Loroupe Peace Foundation, these athletes and several […]