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ACCION: Investing in women to uplift rural communities in India

Priya is a hardworking caregiver and small business owner living in a rural village near the town of Thirukattupalli in south India. As a girl, she completed high school, then paused continuing her own education to allow her sisters to finish school in person. She worked in a shop to help secure their education, then […]

ACCION: Two women entrepreneurs carve out economic opportunity

Paula Coxaj Acabal

Paula Coxaj Acabal was born in Momostenango, a rural town in the western highlands of Guatemala where most people rely on farming to earn a living. She married and moved to La Gomera, a town closer to the Pacific coast. When Paula’s husband passed away at a young age, she found herself in desperate need […]

The 2022 resolution you need to add to your list

Woman smiling with bags on her back and children in the background

It’s the new year, and our instinct to start drinking green smoothies and hitting the gym is kicking in. It’s the time of planning for the year ahead and thinking through how we want to invest our time, energy and money. Enter: New Year’s resolutions. Most of our resolutions tend to face inward and are […]

ACCION: “The fight to keep going”: A family business changes course

This husband and wife team in Bolivia began producing personal protective equipment (PPE) to help their community and keep their business afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. For Carolina Cano Huanca, making clothes has always been a family affair. “I started because of my brother,” she says, “He was working in Argentina making clothes, and when […]

ACCION: Recipe for success at the Kids Cooking Club in Cape Town


The Kids Cooking Club in Cape Town, South Africa, is a cheerful, colorful space with lime-green walls, stacks of plastic mixing bowls, and children decked out in aprons and paper chef’s hats concentrating on sprinkling candy bits onto cookie dough. Mondisa, its founder, clearly loves working with kids. She smiles as she describes the club’s […]

ACCION: Vanaja runs a business, but it hasn’t always been easy

Vanaja TS’s world came apart when she lost her husband three years ago. But instead of giving up, she remained resilient. After her loss, Vanaja poured her energy into raising her two children and running the family business in Bengaluru. Each day. Vanaja worked long hours managing the enterprise her husband had established manufacturing plugs. […]

Bridging the digital divide to help Latin America entrepreneurs

woman brushing daughter's hair

Global Impact’s partner Accion, a global nonprofit and pioneer in microfinance and fintech impact investing, works to build a financially inclusive world with access to economic opportunity for all. Since 1961, they have worked to serve individuals who are left out of the formal financial system. Through advising, investing, partnership and influence, Accion works to […]