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HCP works to cure needless blindness with the highest quality care at the lowest cost, through ophthalmic care, education, and establishment of world-class infrastructure.
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Health and wellness looks different in every country and on every continent. What some may regard as a right in one country, is inaccessible or scarce in another. Global health represents the environments that affect physical, social and mental well-being for all humans.

Charity Photos

  • Title: Happiness in Harar
  • Charity: Himalayan Cataract Project
  • Country: Ethiopia
  • Photo Credit: Amanda Conde / HCP Cure Blindness

A patient celebrates regaining her eyesight during a cataract surgery outreach in Harar, Ethiopia.

  • Title: Cape Coast, Ghana
  • Charity: Himalayan Cataract Project
  • Country: Ghana
  • Photo Credit: Francis Kokoroko

  • Title: Bisidimo, Ethiopia
  • Charity: Himalayan Cataract Project
  • Country: Ethiopia
  • Photo Credit: HCP Cureblindness

Charity Videos

Charity Impact

After years of civil war and with only a small handful of eye care professionals serving a population of nearly 13 million people, most South Sudanese lack adequate access to eye care. HCP is working with our partners to reduce avoidable blindness in South Sudan as well as develop partnerships that strengthen the country’s national eye care system. HCP volunteer ophthalmologist Dr. Lloyd Williams, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at Duke, and photographer Chris Hildreth from Rooster Media, recently traveled to South Sudan to provide hands-on surgical training and support at a cataract outreach event in Aweil organized by the Ministry of Health with support from the Catholic Diocese of Wao. At the outreach in Aweil, 1,023 people had their sight restored, all of whom were bilaterally blind. The surgical team opted to perform surgery on one eye for each patient so more patients could be served. This is the third...