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Transforming campaign marketing for a new era of employee giving


  • In 2017, after 56 years of managing more than 130 separate campaigns around the world, the federal government’s workplace giving program underwent a structural overhaul meant to streamline processes, including centralizing marketing under one national contract.  
  • Previously, divided work made for duplicative efforts and inconsistency in branding, quality and messaging. The new structure aimed to unify and enhance marketing for all campaigns while still reaching a wide range of potential donors. 
  • Production was highly regulated with tight deadlines for a large suite of materials. 


  • Employed a team with 50+ years of cumulative experience on this campaign to lead the creation of consistent, high-quality and professional materials.
  • Developed a fun, community-centric theme, highlighting the federal employees and retirees with their personal causes. This theme and approach were implemented in individual campaigns around the world.
  • Produced and shared a full suite of strategic marketing materials within deadlines, such as themed toolkits and campaign worker training materials, empowering individual campaigns to inspire giving and engage potential donors.


  • Delivered more than 65 marketing materials featuring the new theme early or on time. More than 80% of constituents reported finding the theme “fresh, fun, compelling,” and over 90% said the materials were “effective, useful, excellent.”
  • Supported all campaigns through content sharing with a unified message; led the campaigns to success in fundraising goals; performed quantitative and qualitative research to inform continual marketing refinement, and established a precedent for the following year.
  • Awarded campaign contract for an additional two years due to success in the first year.

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