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SEE INTERNATIONAL: Restoring Sight in India

SEE International

Prem Thapa ji is a well-known street artist from Nepal who recently had his life transformed by the gift of sight. Premji had dedicated his entire life to his passion for art, sharing his love for painting, literature, and music with his hometown of Palpa before leaving to attend art school in India. After attending art school, Premji invested all his time and effort into creating beautiful paintings for the public. But when his vision began to deteriorate, his ability to paint progressively dwindled. His eyesight became blurry, and eventually, he was unable to distinguish colors. Without the funds to cover the costs of the cataract surgery he needed, Premji feared that he would have to give up painting forever.

Noticing that Premji’s vision was declining rapidly, Premji’s neighbor Amy referred him to SEE International’s trusted clinic partners at Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital. During his hospital visit, Premji was diagnosed with cataracts, and was reluctant to inform his doctors that he did not have the funds available to cover the cost of surgery. Fortunately, Premji’s doctor quickly informed him that he would be able to get free cataract surgery funded by SEE International. Soon after, Premji underwent surgery, and began the recovery process. With his sight restored, Premji was overjoyed to be given a second chance at doing what he loves. Now, he can continue his life as an artist and sharing his art with his community, inspired by his first-hand experience with receiving the gift of sight.

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