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MAP INTERNATIONAL: Baby Ali Receives Pediatric Antibiotics

Saving Lives with Pediatric Antibiotics

Dr. Mohamed Abdihalim, a neuroradiologist in St. Paul,
Minnesota, has a heart for the people of Somalia and
for serving those who have little access to necessary
medical resources. He runs Somali Medical Relief,
a charity that provides affordable medical imaging
services in Bosaso, Somalia.
For the past three years, Dr. Abdihalim has been
leading medical mission teams to work with the Bosaso
General Hospital, the city’s main public hospital.
One of the patients that benefited from that trip was
little Ali, an 8-month-old boy who was diagnosed with
pneumonia. His family traveled from a neighboring
village to get him the care that he needed. When
they arrived, the doctors were able to treat him with
antibiotics that were brought by Dr. Abdihalim from
MAP International. His family was very grateful that he
was able to receive the care that he needed.
According to the World Health Organization,
pneumonia is the single largest cause of death in
children worldwide. Thank you for giving to MAP and
giving a future back to children like Ali.

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