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Habitat International
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Your compassionate support enables Habitat for Humanity International to partner with families like Marcus and Angie. With your gift, we help empower individuals, older adults and families to change their lives. 

Marcus and Angie have two daughters, Adrienne, who has autism, and Audrey. The couple moved around a lot, trying to provide their girls with a safe environment. Unfortunately, the rental they lived in most recently was in an unsafe area, and each time that Marcus’ income increased so did the rent. It became more than they could afford. Additionally, the windows did not close, nor did they lock. The bathroom has plumbing issues, and they regularly had to pay an exterminator to deal with rodents. 

Last fall, Marcus and Angie worked alongside volunteers to build their Habitat home. Marcus knew that giving Angie and their daughters a safe, affordable place would give them peace of mind. He and Angie no longer have to struggle to pay rent or move from place to place due to mold and pests, and they can save for their future. Audrey and Adrienne now have a backyard where they can safely play. 

“Having the opportunity to have something new and have that foundation to start fresh is a wonderful opportunity, Marcus says. “I’ll be forever grateful for Habitat for Humanity and what they did for my family.”

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