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Children’s Sight Week 2021

Olivia taking eyesight test

In August of 2021, SEE held its annual Children’s Sight Week event, during which our Santa Barbara Vision Care clinics put a priority on the screening and treatment of the children in our community, resulting in 64 eye screenings and 32 comprehensive eye exams for the young patients. Among the children who received care was six-year-old Olivia, who dreams of being an art teacher one day. A few years ago when she was just three-years-old, Olivia put on her grandma’s glasses to “play teacher” with her cousin. After spending some time wearing the glasses, she told her family that they actually helped her to see better. Her parents then took her to a SEE clinic for a screening, only to discover that she needed glasses of her own. Now, three years later, she’s back again for another pair.   

 During Olivia’s appointment, her mother noted how important it is for her daughter to see: “Our vision is everything,” she said, “[Olivia] really enjoys drawing and painting and I want her to be able to do those things.” With her brand-new pair of glasses and school supplies, Olivia has everything she needs to not only be successful this school year, but to keep doing all the things she loves!

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